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The Story of Globe's Life

    The story begins several decades ago when the boy was given birth by the Jaidee's. Being a native of the rural and wide rice fields, the little boy was familiar with non-crowded environment. He was taken a good care by the teacher dad and the nurse mum. The Jaidee's family named him "GoHH" for nickname, and "Kongjak Jaidee" for full name.

    He was born to be a lonely boy, with 3 elder sisters, and with the moving life that made him get happily addicted to playing with toys. He loved imaginating and making fighting stories of his toys very much. He also showed some intelligence in studying. However, he was quite a shy boy at the very young age.

    It was when he was in the later years of senior high school at Sisaket Wittayalai School that he became a thinker, and start acting independently. He realized the value of his life a lot more after he found that he could help develop the world fastly by unifying all countries together. He tried hard to spread out his idea during his last year in the school, but he had to give up after his activities resulted in tears of his parents.

    He tried to build himself up when he was studying at Kasetsart University for a Bachelor's of Science in Forestry. Despite being depressed from the traditional "freshy cheer" activity, he ignored that and did many activities by himself that would make him famous, such as singing contests, boxing, novel contest, using skateboard instead of bicycle, acting more independently. Anyway, he felt in love with a girl, and chased her from his first year until she left on his fourth year, but had never successful in even to hear one word from her. ...... If you read here please know that I want to meet you again, Yaowapa.

    During his undergrad life he had several chances to work in the forest, and avoid social to find himself alone in the no-man forest. Despite seaching for himself almost all the time, it was also his great time. The prosperousity of his hair at that time implied his independent state of mind.

    After graduation, he worked for the Royal Forest Department. Got the first chance to get on and vomit in a helicopter. He resigned from the work for a job with TJT company in Bangkok in order to get chance to work in Cameroon. His work in Bangkok was checking timber logs. At busy time, he would check the logs for almost 20 hours a day. Eventually, he went to work in Cameroon. It was his great and unforgetable time. People and culture were totally different. Dance, drink, sing, love, work, sick, danger, etc were all included in the six-month period. He resigned from work after got back to Bangkok because of personal problems.

    He was unemployed. But because of his saved money from Cameroon (and some help from his family) he could buy a computer, which was then became his new favorite toy. However, it was not so long before he got a new job at PangHinFon Watershed Management Unit in ChiangMai, Thailand. His work requires riding motorcycle to visit many hilltribe villages in the area. The weather there was very cold in the winter (and maybe every night all year long). He liked his job very much. However, he resigned after over 1 year working, in order to prepare hard to get a scholarship.

    He was unemployed again for over a year. During this time, he developed the first collection of all his memo of findings. He also had some hurt time because of love. He learned English by himself very hard, and was successful to get a scholarship from Thai government to study in America. However, because of the economic crisis, his study was postponed. He had to work as a governmental officer in Royal Forest Department for 1 month then resigned for studying in USA.

    He studied in USA for a master degree in the field of GIS and Remote Sensing at Michigan Technological University. During this two-year-and-four-month period he got experienced of cold, snowboard, basketball, part-time jobs, roller blade, love, car owning, long driving, scar, parties, second-hand shops, old friend (Brian). But the hardest thing was studying. One great experience is being a writer in, where he formally revealed his idea of unifying all countries for the first time after leaving Sisaket Wittayalai School. (Hmm,,, actually he did once when he was at PangHinFon).

    After graduation and went back to Thailand, he bought a motorcycle from ChiangMai. Started working with the Royal Forest Department. The work was tiresome for him because of so many human problems. However, he got pretty much free time, that allows him to play basketball almost every evening. He got sick badly once with severe lung disease, that made him meet a cute doctor, but could only dream for the dream love. In 2002 he could fullfil one of his dreams by participating the JICA's "ASEAN-Japan Friendship Youth Program", in Hokkaido, Japan for 3 weeks. That was when he first used the name "Globe".

    One big change in his life was after he had a LASIK surgery, that freed him from glasses he'd been using for 20 years. Thanks a lot, doctor Pornchai.

    He decided to open the "GoodJai Lifelong Learning Center" for his experience and for stop wasting time. It was not very successful, but it made him know himself and other things a lot more. He closed the business after one year of contract, and at the same time, his job was changed to work at the Center of Information and Communication Technology of Ministry of Natural Resourses and Environment. He found many good people there, and one good man gave him a dharma book from Master Dool, which he enjoyed reading and realized about stopping desire.

    The work was good, but not as good as what he thought it would be if he worked on his own. Thus he planned to resign after the end of 2005 (when the obligation for the Thai scholarship for his US study end.) But because he found that the training program on computer network science in Japan was very tempting, so he applied, and was chosen to attend the program. During the 5-month training in Okinawa International Center of JICA, his life was unforgetable. The best thing started since the beginning when one lecturer told students in the class about the "World Government". He then lived his life there openly with his belief about world unification. Many other benefits here include easy life (places for eat, learn, rest, exercise are all close), travelling experiences, nice environment and people, international friends, knowledge, income, and hopeful love. Best of all, the freedom he had there allow him enough time to enlighten his final dharma finding ----- "Live with knowing that I am doing a good thing".

After coming back to Thailand and worked with the Center of Information and Communication Technology, Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment as before, but his working life seems to be much happier and better with the dharma. Moreover, he was a lot more confident to act for his major goal of life, the United World. He started by writing his ideas about dharma and world peace on his shirts and wear them to work.

In the end of 2006 he bought a condominium (paid by installment), and got a full Bangkok citizenship. The condominium is like his private heaven. He walked and ran to the train station for work every weekdays' morning. Then he may had his "globe mask" on and give flyers about United World and World Religion to people. Some weekends he might play concerts in Jatuchak Park to spread his idea, until he was prohibited.

He continues acting strangely for many months. In May, 2007 he made the biggest campaign in front of the United Nation's headquater in Bangkok. Police came to stop him after a while. He couldn't give the letter to UN secretariate by himself but mail them after that.

Until later in the year, his close people asked him to stop acting such that strange, and he had to accept. However, in October he got a chance to have a training in India. There he continued wearing "globe mask" when having chances. Unfortunately, most of the time there he was sick. Anyway, India gave him also unforgetable knowledge and experience.

Back to Thailand and worked until the end of the year. He decided to quit his job in January due to his old intention and some projects that he disagreed. However, his mother asked him to withdraw the resign letter. Until March 2008, he met the boss of a space organization (GISTDA) by chance and found that he had a job for him.

He started working as a Geo-informatics Scientist at GISTDA in April. He got chances to visit many more countries. His responsibility involve with CEOS, an international body on earth observation satellite cooperation. The work was pretty good. Well, but he still feel something is not right.

After caming back from a meeting in South Africa he heard the news about the resignation of the Bangkok governor, and thinking about joining the next election. Fortunately (or unfortunately) his flight to Poland was canceled due to the protest in the main airports of Thailand, he decided to use the money for Poland trip for BKK Governor application in the first day (30 Nov.) He was so happy to show his "Time to unify all countries in the world to be World Nation" sign in front of many medias on that day.

Because of that application, he had to resign from GISTDA in the next day. That caused some trouble to his kind bosses. Lucky one boss and good friend lend him some money thus he could quit without problems. He spent one energetic month after that for his election campaign. He could get some chances to talk more about his ideas to medias. However it was only little time comparing to famous candidates. The result of the election, 11 January 2009, was that he got 2,400 votes, ranked 9 of 14 candidates.

After the end of election he decided not to resume his work in GISTDA. (Well, I complained so much about my pitiful working life while I was there, how on earth I would go back. No work, no money, but more freedom :) Therefore, now he is unemployed. He is now living in his heavenly room, trying to get some income from some service jobs, and working mainly on his WeLoveOurWorld website project.

Current contact addresses:
Office and Home = Don Muang, Bangkok
E-mail =
Mobile No. = 66-84-704-3345



2515-2525 (1972-1982) ---- Born - Grade 5 -- Ban Pla Sew School
2526 (1983) ---- Grade 6 --- Uthumpornpisai School
2527 (1984) ---- Grade 7 --- Sisaket Wittayalai School
2528 (1985) ---- Grade 8
2529 (1986) ---- Grade 9
2530 (1987) ---- Grade 10 --- still .. Sisaket Wittayalai School
2531 (1988) ---- Grade 11 ----
2532 (1989) ---- Grade 12 ---- Realizing "We are the world".      becoming the founder of "Eternal Happiness" gang.
2533 (1990) ---- Undergrad    Year 1 .... Kasetsart University
2534 (1991) ---- Undergrad    Year 2
2535 (1992) ---- Undergrad    Year 3
2536 (1993) ---- Undergrad    Year 4
2537 (1994) ---- Graduated from Kasetsart University
2538 (1995) ---- Worked in Cameroon .. as a Logger.
2539 (1996) ---- Worked with Pang Hin Fon Watershed Management Unit, Chiang Mai, Thailand.
2540 (1997) ---- Unemployed. Self-studied.
2541 (1998) ---- Worked with Forest Department, before flying to USA.
2542 (1999) ---- First Year Graduate Student at Michigan Technological University, Hoghton, Michigan, USA.
2543 (2000) ---- Second Year Graduate Student at MTU
2544 (2001) ---- Back to Thailand. A civil servant at Forest Dept. Got sick treatment at Central Chest Hospital.
2545 (2002) ---- Attend the Japan-ASEAN Friendship Youth Program of the Year 2002.
2546 (2003) ---- Operate "Goodjai Lifelong Learning Center"
2547 (2004) ---- Started working with "The Center of Information and Communication Technology" Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment.
2548 (2005) ---- Released the policies of "Social First Party" .... The website is gradually completed.
2549 (2006) ---- Back from Okinawa. Practice "No Desire" .. "Do things reasonably" ==> World Dharma
2550 (2007) ---- Publish "Human Dharma". Submit "United World Supporters' Signatures" to UN. Training in India.
2551 (2008) ---- Resigned from CICT of MNRE. Work with Geo-Informatics and Space Technology Development Agency. Quit from GISTDA to be a candidate of Bangkok Governor election.
2552 (2009) ---- Lost the election (very much :). Unemployed. Develop the new version of using Joomla.

+++++ Last update: February 24, 2009 +++++

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Kongjak Jaidee is pleased to provide these services
1. Tuition
- Thai Language
- Computer: Windows XP, Linux, Internet, Word, Excel, Powerpoint
- GIS, Remote Sensing, GPS -- ArcView, ArcGIS, Erdas Imagine

+ Students can learn together and share the cost of 100 bt/hour (5 persons = 20 baht each)
+ Please be punctual.

2. Document translation (English-Thai-English)
Translation price: ranging from 200 baht/page (highest quality) to 20 baht/page (summarized at a ratio of 5:1)
+ Prefer to communicate via e-mails.

3. Computer repair

+ Services include software installation, virus removal, system configuration, etc.

4. Satellite Imagery and GIS Data Processing

+ Services include image georectification, clipping, mosaicking, classification, data analysis, 2D and 3D mappings, etc.
+ Prefer to communicate via e-mails.

5. Personal Tour Guide

Cost of Services
100 Baht per hour.
However, you don't have to pay if you are not satisfied with the service, or you don't have money. And I don't have to continue working if I feel uneasy to work on that job. Yes, whether the cancellation is from you or me, payment is not required.

Interested persons please contact me at
Mobile Phone: 66-84-7043345

History of Jobs
- Teach English to K. Nim ... 10 hours ... 1,000 Baht
- Making 3D GIS maps of underground oil layers for K. June ... 1,000 Baht
- Interpreting, analyzing and making forest maps for K. Pong ... 1,000 Baht
- Composing paper's Abstract for K. Pong and his friend ... 200 Baht
- Teach English to K. Noih ... 1 hour per day ... 100 Baht/hour
- Preparing satellite images and interpreting landslide area for K. Tum ... 2,400 Baht
- Analyzing GIS vector layers in the study area of landslide for K. Tum ... 1,500 Baht
- More GIS analysis for K. Tum ... 600 Baht
- Teach GIS software installation, how to create new a layer of dormitory, how to measure distance, and how to make Hotlink to K. Beam ... 300 Baht
- Create website about Car Driving School for K. Somkiat ... 1,000 Baht (work not yet complete)
- The speaker in a training program presenting "Application of GIS in Real Estate Business" at Rangsit University (TST Building) 19 May 2009 ... 3,000 Baht (Knew only half day in advance, worked until 2 AM)
- Sell CD/DVD as collection of good scientific VDO clips from Youtube in the nearby open market ... Started 25 May 2009 ... Current income 80 Baht (Sold 4 CDs ... still never up :)
- Fix computer (OS problem) for K. Yin ... 170 Baht (in total of 2 times)