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Updated 2nd: 25 November 2006
Updated 1st: 13 July 2006

Dharma in Globe's Mind to be proposed as a draft of the "World Dharma"

There are many people in the world that believe in a religion. And there are some people that don't believe in any religion particularly.  

That means religion is an important thing, however, none of the existing religions is good enough to be believed by everyone in the world. However, all the religions are being promoted without any improvement. The world  future would not be sustainable if we let this situation continue. Human being will be confused with the principle of living forever. Thus the world need the "World Dharma" to be used to teach all human beings. And I would like to propose my dharma (principle of living) to be a draft for that.

World  Dharma
With all the knowledge I have at this present time,
the dharma that I keep in my mind, and believe it's the most correct one to be held in every human being's mind, is this short & simple phrase:
"No Desire (Satisfied) ==> No Sadness  .....   Do Good (Reasonable) ==> Gain Happiness"
This is the conclusive phrase of all dharma teachings in the world.
This ultimate dharma aims right at resolving sadness and achieve happiness ... at all time,  
this state of mind (no sadness .. gain happiness) is what human beings should be all the time.
There are two main components of this dharma.
1. Satisfied (no desire) .. that is to be free from any kinds of desire, which is the cause of all sadness ........ This is the conclusion of all teachings in the world for curing sadness.
2. Do Good ... which is the action to do (either mentally or physically) to make oneself become as happy as possible according to his/her knowledge, wisdom, and capabilities. 
The two conclusive components above sound simple. However, it's not so easy to efficiently follow and apply the dharma without clear understanding. I have more explanation below, which I believe it's also essential to be well understood in everyone's mind. 

As this would be the "World Dharma", the explanation also needed to be correct, so that it can be accepted by all human beings. If you find any errors or mistakes or misunderstandings of mine, please feel free to make comments to improve our "World Dharma".

1. Free from Sadness by Being Satisfied (Get rid of all desire)

--- Satisfied ==> No Desire ==>  No Sadness ==> More Wisdom ---
Satisfied is to have no desire. Without desire one will have no sadness. Once the sadness has gone, the wisdom will replace the blindness.
1.1) What is Sadness ?
Physical Sadness

One might become sad in relation with malfunctions of physical organs, such as pain, injury, ache, starvation, or any difficulties, etc. Deep inside, the human mind desires to maintain the perfect body. Thus these symptoms not only cause physical pains, but also mental pains (worry). Moreover, the worry in mind might be more serious than the physical disorders. Not only causing sadness, the desire and the worry prevent one from finding solutions of the symptoms.
Mental Sadness
The mind can be sad regardless of physical disorders. Desire might arise within the mind itself. Unable to fulfil the desire at that moment, the mind becomes sad. Charactoristics of mental sadness are fear, envy, angry, upset, boresome, worry, serious, discouraged, etc. 

1.2) What is Desire ?
* Desire is the state of mind that requires something
For example, when one wants to be rich, when one wants to taste an icecream (unstopable), when one requires love from someone, when one wants .....

* Sadness is a sign of desire
Normally people want things that they don't have. They want to have that thing when they actually not having it. Since they don't have it, they become sad.

* Hidden Desire
For things people already have. They do want to keep those things with them as long as possible. The desire stay inactive until the time they are about to lose the properties. These are hidden desire that should also be eliminated, in order to prevent sadness.
1.3) Charactoristics of a mind that's occupied by desire
When the mind desires something, one will try his/her best to get what they want. The mind becomes forgeting to think for why one need that thing so much. One would forget to observe the present situations and surrounding environment that prevent one from fulfilling the desire. One would forget to admit that it's okey for not being able to get what one wants. The mind is then not peaceful.  

1.4) States of mind without desire
Once one get what one wants, or one realize that it's OK to live without that thing. One is free from the desire. The desire has gone. The mind will recover from the unpeaceful state. One then feel relaxed and relieved. However, the desire will cause trouble again if one doesn't realize the fact that sadness comes from desire.  

1.5) Solutions to know, protect, and get rid of desire
To catch up the desire
In order to know the desire, one should practice oneself to detect the state of unpeaceful mind as early as it happens. Once found the mind is unpeaceful, one will be able to apply dharma to get rid of the desire.
* To protect mind from desire
In order to protect mind from desire, one should keep the dharma "Satisfied" all the time. One must realize that human being should live without sadness. And realize that the sadness can be gone with making the mind free from desire.
* To get rid of desire
Once knowing oneself is sad because of desire, one can eliminate desire by applying the true knowledge.... that no life can live forever. Even life will be lost, then there should not be anything else that one should be worried about. Another point, one should realize that the sadness happens now, not in the future, one should not be sad at anytime. Stop desire now, and one will be satisfied with any current situations.

2. Do a good thing to become happy now 
Since being birth as a human being, one has been thourgh times of both sadness and happiness. One realize the harm of sadness, and the benefits of happiness. It's good to be happy. One can be happy consciously by doing a good thing. If one is not happy, that means one is not doing a good thing. The importance is to live with the present time. Do a good thing according to the rule of cause and result (be reasonable).
2.1) What is happiness ?
Happiness is the state of mind when it feels joyful, relaxed, peaceful, cheerful, pround, fun, impressed, etc. Happiness make people smile. Happiness make life more lively. Happiness gives power for people to complete any task he/she is doing.

2.2) What kind of action is "doing good" ?
Doing good doesn't mean mere helping people or social. Doing good in this context means any action that results in good health and good mood. Doing a good thing makes oneself happy. We can do a good thing at every moment, and becomes happy at every moment.
In order to keep "doing good", one should ask oneself regularly "What am I doing?" and "Why I am doing so?". Once knowing the reason, one will stop doing so if that thing is not a good thing to do, or will keep doing that joyfully and confidently if that thing is beneficial to do.
Doing good of each person and each situation is not always the same. One have to consider conditions of oneself that limit his/her capability to do good. Do good is not either doing too much or too little than one's ability. One should be satisfied with one's ability at the present time .... satisfied with the truth.
Doing good always have objectives. One who always keep this principle is always conscious and happy.

2.3) Examples of "Doing Good"
- Smile, in order to make one feel better and make other people around feel relieved, for example.
- Think about good things, in order to avoid bad thinking.
- See, hear, smell, taste, touch favorable things, in order to be in good mood.
- See, hear, smell, taste, touch, and sense anything, in order to learn things.
- Take a deep breath, in order to exercise the respiration system.
- Move, in order to prevent stress and strain in the body.
- Sing, in order to enjoy the power of music, and power of one's voice. : )

- Doing what one is doing fast, in order to save time (since we all have limited time of living)

- Doing what one is doing carefully, in order to avoid accident.
- Work hard on a good work, in order to make oneself and social become better.
- Try to unify the world, in order to bring true peace to earth, bring true freedom to oneself.
- Do good things that benefit the social, in order to benefit oneself as well.
- Love everyone, in order to be peaceful in mind.
- Be different, in order to bring freedom to the social.  Since one knows the benefit of what one is doing, one do that thing with confidence. 
- Do things that satisfy oneself, but never disturb social or anyone, in order to make the peaceful world.
- Enjoy things reasonably .... Eating too much causes fat. Exercising too much causes injury.
- Blink eyes, in order to refresh the eyes.
- Sleep, which is the best way to rest.

2.4) What kind of action is "doing bad" ?
- Doing things unconsciously (without knowing what one is doing, and why one is doing so)
- Doing things that result in bad effect to him/herself or other people or social.
- Doing things unreasonably... just follow the desire.
- Doing things according to what's been taught, without thinking reasonably.
- Try to do things over capability, and cause trouble to oneself.
Note:  There is no bad men. There is only men that do bad things, because they don't really know that the things are bad. If we can make everyone truly know the goods and the bads, no one will do bad things.

2.5) Examples of "Doing Bad" 
- Waste time with activities that one wants to do, but not necessary to do.
- Work hard without taking care of oneself.
- Trust things, and follow that things, without thinking whether that's right or wrong.
- Want to take other's properties or anything that is not suppose to be his/hers  (corruption).
- Lie (except only for joking.)  Lie prevents the truth. Only the truth can bring knowledge.
- Do things carelessly.
- Think and keep worrying about the mistake one has done in the past.
- Worry about bad event that may happen in the future (desire too much.)
- Be bad examples to others, such as smoking, being furious, etc.
- Work on the work that is not truly benefit the whole world. For example, soldiers ... that cause wars.

----- State of a mind that always keep the World Dharma ------
Satisfied with any current beings .. know that one is doing good

- No sadness ... because having no desire, and knowing that oneself is doing the right thing.
- No worry ....  by keeping the dharma that guarantee happiness (no sadness), one can be sure that one can be happy no matter what happens.

Globe  .... Learner of the World
PS: This world dharma is highly needed to be made understood to all human beings. If we still have social problems, that means people don't really understand this dharma. This knowledge is even more important than all other kinds of scientific knowledge.



My principle of living ...   : )

"Live with Knowing of Doing Good"

As of:   Mar 18, 2006


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